Color Palette


Color Palette

For any event—whether a social gathering, a corporate outing, or a wedding—one of the most important aspects that will bring together the ensemble and right ambiance is the proper choice and use of your color palette.


Just as establishing a theme and having a particular style, the color palette is another powerful tool of expression that shapes an event in the direction you desire. It is so powerful, in fact, that it is one of the first decisions most event planners and wedding specialists will ask a bride and groom to make. Once you have your colors set, other elements and decisions come into place more easily.


Let's not be hasty when deciding color! But it shouldn't be a headache either. First, try to decide on your basic colors without focusing too much on technical aspects such as hue, value, saturation, and intensity. You can leave those very specific details to the specialists who are helping to design and implement your event, as they have significant experience in this area and are there to assist you in implementing such matters into your overall vision. Second, don't think about in the same way as you might when decorating your home or office. This is different; you are engaging into a unique, magical experience that will live in your mind as a special place, but one in which you will not be present in on a daily basis. Lastly, this is an opportunity for you to fully express yourself and your feelings, and you should approach it in that manner. Make it something that will be special and memorable for you both!


The first advice you might receive from “experts” is to consider the space and time as appropriate. While your particular venue may have specific rules that you must follow, you are allowed to be creative and find unique ways that will make your event special for you. Your planner, designer, florist, and other vendors can help make your vision a reality by coming up with creative methods and locations for your special displays. This is a time for expression – so be honest with yourself and bold about the decisions that you make. The internet is an amazing space to help initiate your creative spark, but remember to do something that is authentically you and it will feel more special and personal for you and your guests. All in all, be honest with and true to yourself. The possibilities and rewards are endless!


Now that we are in tune with expressing ourselves, when it comes to choosing textures and hues, it is important to consider the season in which your event will take place in order to select the colors and tones that express a particular feeling. A 'dark summer wedding' or a 'year-end office party' with peachy, romantic tones, while different, may not express the effect that you originally had in mind. That being said, let's discuss what is coming up ...


For spring and summer events this year, perhaps consider these options:

  • Goldenrod varieties, such as buttercup, tangerine, marsala, papaya, fiesta;

  • Cooler similar tones such as cobalt, strawberry ice, lavender (classic), glacier and/or lilac grey, classic blue, limpet shell, serenity, scuba blue, aquamarine, tiffany, and argent;

  • Compliment with earthy considerations such as mica, meadow, or iced coffee...

  • Always play with your greens this time of year, as they are so fresh and beautiful!


A little more about flowers for this season because they are so very gorgeous! Although the palette will dictate the flowers, just consider the fantastic options this time of year offers. A wild array of gorgeous fresh cuts are about to bloom. This is a great time to use ranunculus, wax, tulips, anemones, roses and garden roses. Gotta love spring – and thankfully it is very generous when it comes to textures and hues!


Your other focal points are endless—chandeliers, vases, drapes, linens, lighting!—and we will definitely contemplate more on these topics in the future. Also, Bells & Bloom partners with a one-of-a-kind company in LA that acquires great floral accompaniments at the best prices on the market (sorry, had to throw that in; too good not to!). 


We hope this has helped you as you consider your color palette and are thinking of your gorgeous flowers to be. Feel free to comment or ask about our thoughts on this and other topics. We would love to hear from you!


Colors up!


Jeannie and Paula